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Depression and Anxiety Counseling in Michigan

Counseling changes lives, restores relationships, and helps to achieve personal goals. Our depression and anxiety therapists can help.

We are now accepting new clients for virtual therapy and in-person sessions. 


  • I feel nervous, stressed, and anxious more than is typical

  • I feel lesser than others

  • I feel lonely and disconnected, with no one to talk to

  • I no longer find enjoyment in the things that once made me happy

  • I have had sudden changes in diet, appetite, or physical appearance

  • I worry about events that I know I cannot control

  • I have lost someone, and it keeps me from daily functioning and enjoyment

  • I feel afraid, panicked, or unsure of the future

  • I have difficulty focusing or thinking clearly

  • I have anxiety surrounding a particular life event or experience that I just can’t shake

  • My energy levels are too little to do simple tasks

  • I have difficulty sleeping

  • It’s difficult to be around other people

  • I can’t stop crying

Anxiety and Depression Therapy can help you to uncover your underlying concerns, fears, and needs, and develop coping mechanisms to begin to manage your symptoms. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, and other modalities can help teach you to live with a greater sense of inner peace. 

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